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“And then there’s a whole section, which I really liked. And it’s basically set in 1937. She describes what people called in to the library to ask. So this would have been basically the audio analog version of Google. And so it’s questions like the number of radios in Los Angeles and burial customs in […]

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Jane Eyre

On Episode 9 of Dog-eared and Cracked, we discussed Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. It’s a classic, of course, but I had only read it for the first time a couple of years ago, and Jay had never read it. And we both went to a high school that was big on classics. During the course […]

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The Library Book

So I’m reading the library book. which would have been ironic if I had actually borrowed it from a library. At least I hope I’ve got the right book. Phil tells me his pick for our next podcast is the library book but i may have misheard him and he meant “a library book”. Rolling […]

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The Warriors

Just finished editing the podcast for the Warriors where Phil and I dissect both the book and the movie. Keep an eye out for it. This might be one of our most entertaining yet. Where else but Dog-eared and Cracked do monkey jackets, ice cream pants and existentialist philosophers all pop up in the same […]

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