Who is Dog-eared and Cracked?

History is littered with the accounts of book burnings. This podcast is not about them. 

It’s about the books that burn us. You know the kind, sitting there on a shelf at the bookstore looking so stylized and impressive. The font of their embossed titles, leading us on with false promises of knowledge, entertainment or even the lure of an expanded vocabulary. We bring them home with us, our hearts pumping with the anticipation of great literature. And then find our souls crushed, dragged through the intellectual mud of sketchy sentences and pointless prose.

Dog-eared and Cracked is a better way of choosing books. It’s kind of like the literary version of matchmaking. Each week one of us chooses a book for the other to read. Sometimes to push the other, sometimes to engage them. Always to entertain.   

Dog-eared and Cracked. Saving the world from the books that burn us.